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Unity Day Out at Hilltop Mansion :

Unity College Of Nursing under their Social Responsibility Programs had organised a Day-out for the students of St. Joseph’s Primary School, Kankanady at Hilltop Mansion at Jeppinamogeru, Mangalore. The Day-out had turned to be an unforgettable memory in the minds of the little children. They cherished and enjoyed the day with lot of activities and amenities that are arranged at Hilltop Mansion

Waterfall :

Waterfall with Mini Pond at Hilltop Mansion gave an amazing experience even for small children who were allowed to jump into the pond in which the water level were set for different age groups at different times. Students from third standard were in the picnic team.


Rain Dance :

The multi-purpose stage adjacent to the pond had provision for Rain Dance. While one group were playing in the pond, other group got immersed themselves into rain dance. Often the groups got exchanged location between themselves and had increased the momentum of joy making swift movements according to the music that had arranged exclusively for the children.


Play Ground :

The play ground right in front of the pond and rain dance stage was set for games and other activities. Students were allowed to move on themselves and in no time everyone got set with each ones joyful engagements.


Cycling, Climbing Trees, Hide and Seek

Children were allowed to cycle in the ground that are set with interlocking and tall side walls. Shades and patches around the ground were set of people who wanted to sit and chat. While students were engaged in dancing on their own, professional dancers were engaged to train groups in swift and slow dance steps. There were many dance groups emerged in the process making everyone in the ground to forget every other things in their life.


Magic Show 

A magic show by famous ‘Rajesh Mali’ was arranged by the old students of St. Joseph’s School. Magic show generated instant surprises in the minds of the children. Many of the magic items were participatory with students and that were sufficient enough to lift their minds into greater joy. Many children expressed their desire to LEARN Magic.


Delicious food 

Delicious lunch and snacks were provided by Dr. CP Habeeb Rahman, Chairman and Medical Director of Unity Health Complex, Mangalore. Refreshments, biscuits, soft drinks and various prizes were arranged Sylvia Castelino, Director of Hilltop Mansion.


India need inspired youngsters 

Chief Guest of the Day, Dr. SM Shivaprakash, Professor and Head of the Department of Fisheries College, Mangalore spoke to the children on various topics like national spirit, environmental awareness and elder care. India is a nation that has built a strong bond between the people of different cultures, languages and religions. Children were inspired to study well and to acquire skills while they grow up in the strong foundation of values.


Sister Veena, Headmistress of St. Joseph’s School profusely thanked the organizers of the event. This is first time our students got an opportunity of a Day-out of this magnitude that they will remember and cherish forever in their life; Sr. Veena said. Program was organized by Crossword Tours and Travels, Global TV and Home Caterers. Caroline Castelino, Eshwar, Rafeeq, Anand Rao, Shubhakar Shetty and Paulose were the coordinators and event managers. Contact: 9845077063(Sylvia Castelino).





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